Our commitment to our careers is sacrosanct. We measure our success based on our professional achievements and accolades. We are told early on to “make it work” and stick to a chosen path. No matter what, we must compromise, adjust and adapt ourselves. Staying true to what one feels or acting on that feeling, is seldom a priority. The field of law is no different. It is a happily ever after for most of the law students when they land that fancy job during placement week, but is it really a fairy tale for all and is there really a happily forever in store for everybody?

The face of legal education has changed tremendously in the last few years, a student entering a law school is well informed. It is no longer a scenario where you choose law because your best friend chose it. But as goes the saying ‘each to their own’, our reasons and vision for choosing law can be very different. When you dive into the real, professional world you may or may not fancy it. What you envisioned versus how it pans out in reality maybe starkly different. The reasons can be varied. Then again for some it may fit like a puzzle, to the extent that nothing makes them happier. But let us talk about the ones who don’t resonate with that experience.

Once we pick a monetarily rewarding career, stability takes precedence over everything. Many of us don’t question whether we are enjoying our work or if this what we want to do for the rest of our lives? Is our skill set in sync with our chosen path? You are compelled to choose between fear of the unknown and a known devil.

Rarely do we find people who invest years in a professional qualification, find a job in accordance to that qualification, and then venture out to seek greener pastures. It is after all a wholehearted investment of our time, money, energy and effort. The sheer guts and glory involved in this act, is a story worth telling. It is with this intent that The Grey Matter brings to you DAREACT- a web talk show dedicated to people who chose to break away and pursue other interests. To those who chose Dareact over the Bareact!

Not only are the stories inspiring but also insightful, since they depict that our subject of study and our practice do not always need to be congruent.

So tune in and listen away to DAREACT!



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