MEET SOHRAB KHUSHRUSHAHI- Lawyer turned Fitness Coach

MEET SOHRAB KHUSHRUSHAHI- Lawyer turned Fitness Coach

 Interview by THE GREY MATTER:

Sohrab Khushrushahi, as a twelve year old, was introduced to cricket and became an ardent fan. He was equally rivetted by his mother being a matrimonial lawyer. It was either law or cricket”, he had made up his mind at a very early age.

His journey ensued into a career in corporate law and what followed is a lucrative hurtle which extended to well over a decade of hard work, commitment and dedication. Sohrab was performing phenomenally well, if we were to view it from the makers lens. A stellar job with one of the leading law firms, thriving emolument and a settled family life with his loved ones. It was also the onset of a time where the years invested in his work, were maturing into the role of a Partner at his firm. A major milestone wish for everyone who starts a career at a law firm.

What happened next? Let’s get you a glimpse of his interview with us on DAREACT.

At a time when he should have experienced an ultimate high in his career, he felt differently” But I just didn’t feel anything. This is what I had worked hard for all my life. Why I had put in 20 hours a day, Monday to Sunday. I thought I’d be dancing around and hugging people. I didn’t feel that way and that for me was a red flag.”

His lack of feelings toward his accomplishments made him stop and introspect. Quite evidently, there was a stronger love lurking within him for too long. Since his early years, the quest to be a better cricketer, introduced fitness in his life and it gradually became the highlight of his very being. It was always something he was consciously, sub-consciously propagating to people, be it his seniors, peers, juniors and even his clients.

For all of us, who have let go of ourselves and blame long work hours and corporate culture for our deteriorating health, Sohrab is a stirring example of how to make a shift in mindset and stop making excuses! Watch him share fresh and powerful account of how fitness is always a choice and helped him to become a better lawyer.

He shares useful insights, reality checks into the corporate law space too, a must watch for those who are just starting out and wish to survive and excel in this field.

Having a vision and turning it into reality, forsaking everything, can never be an easy road. But there is nothing a determined heart and hard work won’t achieve. His fitness challenges are a lifestyle mantra for many, and his fitness venture SOHFIT is inspiring the masses. In a fairly short span of time, Sohrab Khushrushahi has become a well-known name in the fitness industry with leading celebrities as his clients. Refreshingly though, he still thinks he hasn’t arrived and believes he has to keep working every single day to achieve his goals. For those of you wondering whether he still works late nights? Yes he does! “The only difference is that now it doesn’t feel like work“.

Tune in to watch his inspiring story now at “DAREACT”.



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