Farming Analogy – Practice Development for Law Firms (Part 1)

Farming Analogy – Practice Development for Law Firms (Part 1)

Practice Development is as pertinent to a business, as the brain is to a human body. Our assumption is, that the three-pound neuron packed centre will do its job adequately. It doesn’t need special attention or grooming because it is so self-sufficient and low maintenance, right?

In this ever evolving field of law, true knowledge about Practice Development still remains a secret to many. One may find a lot of useful literature on the why and how of practice development, on rainmaking, on the ever-evolving space of AI and the advantages of adaptation. But how helpful is that knowledge in theory and is that all practice development subsumes? The first step is the need to understand what Practice Development truly means to then ideate on the why and how of it.

TGM’s intention is to talk about the innumerable concepts of Practice Development which will help individuals and firms carefully plan and develop their practice. We aim at simplifying the space in a manner where knowledge about practice development can be accessible to all, irrespective of their years of experience in the field.

In our first infographic, we have used the simple concept of farming – to then draw an analogy to practice development. The document details out the various facets of planning and developing a practice.

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