Tanisha Deshpande

Tanisha Deshpande

Spark Plug

She is quirky, warm, funny. She believes in and follows the policy of clear communication. Did you know that she was a corporate lawyer for over 3 years before deciding to quit the practice? Given how naturally she connects with people, she has chosen work which allows her to utilise this skill to the fullest. Over the next couple of years she spent time connecting with and counselling students across law schools in India, helping them bridge the gap between college and corporate.

Have you ever met a lawyer who did a hardcore sales role? Sparky here, was at LinkedIn in a sales role managing relationships with corporate houses. Big learnings there include “you show customers value then you don’t have to pitch, they will come back to you” and “a team succeeds when we hold one another accountable, while doing all that we can for each other to set everyone up for success”.

She is a passionate cook- take one bite of the home-made potato wedges and you will know what we mean.

Tanisha enjoys regaling her friends and family with anecdotes and jokes, over unlimited cups of masala chai.


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