Shreya Sharma

Shreya Sharma

Wave Maker

A proficient professional and former litigating lawyer with a fervour for achieving results, ideating solutions and propelling success.

She graduated from Government Law College, Mumbai. Her experience spans across organizations such as Naik Naik & Co. and AZB & Partners where she excelled in various capacities, including business development, corporate communications, client outreach, and market research. These roles have allowed her to develop a comprehensive skill set and a keen business acumen.

As a Wave Maker at The Grey Matter, she exhibits her expertise in strategic thinking and research by crafting transformative strategies that optimize practices and facilitates the growth of organizations. With a keen focus on generating innovative business ideas for law firms, Shreya dives deep into in-depth research, gaining profound insights into the intricacies of organizations and their unique business journeys. With a proactive and results-oriented approach, she consistently demonstrates her ability to get things done efficiently, effectively, and with the utmost quality.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Shreya is an ardent yoga enthusiast and an avid dancer. She wholeheartedly embraces personal growth and wellness which imbues her work with a balanced perspective and unwavering dedication.