Shreya Sharma

Shreya Sharma

Wave Maker

She is fun; she is fearless and very determined. Did you know she litigated with a renowned media law firm for a year before taking the plunge and joining the practice development side of work? Since she had interned with some of the largest law firms for long stints in the corporate practice, the process of eliminating what she didn’t want to do was easy.

As the doubt of continuing in the practice of law surrounded her, she took time off and went for a Vipassana course to truly connect with her inner self. She moved to practice development at AZB & Partners right after and set out on a journey to explore the unknown. Handling work relationships, speaking her mind and tackling tricky situations have been some of her biggest learnings.

She is a disciplined yoga and meditation practitioner and that time is sacred to her daily routine. She is an expressive dancer and runs a page called @innerlifeaddict on Instagram.


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