Season 3

Slide Unsuited Season 3 We dedicated Season 3 to Women in Law. We collaborated with the Arbitration Pledge Group to focus on meaningful conversations with women across generations, practices and jurisdictions. 

We talk to our guests in pairs - throwing light on the challenges, the nurturing environment and supportive infrastructures that they have experienced. 

We bring to you stories of triumphs, struggles, failure, courage and resilience.
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UNSUITED Season 3 Ep. 6

with Dina Wadia and Menaka Guruswamy


UNSUITED Season 3 Ep. 5

with Priti Suri and Sandhya Vishal


UNSUITED Season 3 Ep. 4

with Niloufer Lam and Pallavi Gopinath Aney


UNSUITED Season 3 Ep. 3

with Fereshte Sethna and Jolly Abraham


UNSUITED Season 3 Ep. 2

with Tejal Patil and Aparna Mittal


UNSUITED Season 3 Ep. 1

with Madhavi Goradia Divan and Nandini Khaitan

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